Creative Media Design Application, Contribute To Village From UMPO

Universitas Muhammadiyah Ponorogo (UMPO) collaborated with the Regional Government (Pemkab) through the Department of Culture, Tourism, Youth, and Sports Affairs, Ponorogo designed an application. The collaboration aimed to target the economic driver, especially tourism in Ponorogo. The Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Ayub Dwi Anggoro, mentioned a statement on Wednesday (31/08). “So it is not only a personal purpose for UMPO,” he said.

The collaboration resulted in an application in Village Creative Media Design. The application became an idea to promote local tourism in every village. Because it could be a breakthrough to change the perspective of non-local people about Reog as not the only cultural heritage in Ponorogo. “There are 281 villages in Ponorogo,” he said. He expected that the application could trigger the motivation of Ponorogo’s young generations to be content creators in the local tourism potency. The final goal was to improve the tourism sector as one of the wheel drive economies of Ponorogo people.

“The application of Village Creative Media Design uses a new technology that can be downloaded in the Playstore. The tourism information in Ponorogo can be seen by everyone in hand,” said Ayub. So when all existing tourism potencies are not circulating widely and well-managed, all activities would be useless. Therefore, the application would bring optimum benefits to support economic improvement.

Creative Media Design Application, Contribute To Village From UMPO

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