MoU Between UM Buton and Uhamka Provides Student Exchange Program

Universitas Muhammadiyah Buton (UM Buton) agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof DR Hamka (Uhamka), last Thursday (19/1). Both parties signed this MoU as a step to develop cooperation in strengthening the Four Values ‘Catur Dharma’ of the university. In addition, both of them also provide the opportunities for each other for student exchange in the internship program from ‘Independent Learning Independent Campus’ (MBKM).

The Chancellor of Uhamka, Prof Dr H Gunawan Suryoputro MHum directly signed the Memorandum of Understanding. On the other hand, from UM Buton, the Chancellor of UM Buton, Dr. Wa Ode Al Zarliani SP MM, also directly attended the procession. Al Zarliani mentioned that she hoped that the collaboration would improve the quality of UM Buton’s human resources. “I hope that our human resources can improve through this collaboration. Both lecturers and students,” she said. She also continued that the human resource improvement would also produce a good impact in the future. It can extend to increasing the quality and quantity, both research and community service programs.

Apart from the MoU, the other activity was a campus tour in Uhamka. Al Zarliani had the opportunity to visit the Smart Class from Uhamka. The visit was also directly accompanied by the Chancellor Prof DR Hamka (Uhamka), Prof Dr H Gunawan Suryoputro MHum. She also expressed her hope to make the visit to be a great reference for UM Buton to create and implement modern learning spaces for students and lecturers.

MoU Between UM Buton and Uhamka Provides Student Exchange Program

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