UMP Ma’had Al Imam Malik Building Inaugurated By AMFC Founder From Dubai

The founder of Asia Muslim Charity Foundation (AMCF), Sheikh Dr Mohammad MT Al-Khoory and Rector of University of Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP), Assoc Prof Dr Jebul Suroso inaugurated the newly-constructed building of Ma’had Al Imam Malik, Saturday (06/05).

Also attending the inauguration among others the Vice Chairman of the Daily Advisory Board, Drs. H. Ahmad Kifni; the Vice Rector I for Academic and Cooperation Affairs, Ir Aman Suyadi MP; the Vice Rector II for Finance and Assets Management, Drs Ikhsan Mujahid MSi; the Vice Rector III for Student Affairs, Alumni and Islamic and Muhammadiyah Studies, Assoc Prof Akhmad Darmawan MSi PhD; and the Vice Rector IV for Research, Innovation and Human Resources, Assoc Prof Dr Anwar Ma’ruf MT.

The Rector, Assoc Prof Dr Jebul Suroso hoped that the building that has been inaugurated by Sheikh Dr Mohammad MT Al-Khoory can be useful for Ma’had Al Imam Malik students, Muhammadiyah, and Islamic da’wah. “We really expect that it won’t stop here, but there will be more cooperation in the other programs. We understand very well the importance of Arabic in the Da’wah of Muhammadiyah and also to (strengthen) relationships. Hopefully it will develop rapidly and once again I give AMCF a high appreciation and especially, Sheikh Dr. Mohammad MT Al-Khoory,” he said.

On the other hand, the AMCF Founder, Dr. Mohammad MT Al-Khoory highly appreciated the UMP Rector and the Daily Advisory Board. He also expressed his gratitude towards all donors who had contributed and spared their materials for the UMP Ma’had Al Imam Malik  building. “Alhamdulillah, through the donors, this is the fourth building we built. I hope Allah SWT will grant them rewards for their good deeds,” he said.

Sheikh Dr Mohammad MT Al-Khoory firmly believed that in the future, Ma’had Al Imam Malik will develop better than now and receive more students by the Tahfidzul Qur’an program. “And I am very proud today, because the Ma’had Al Imam Malik Building is located next to the Mosque and this is a good strategy to receive blessings. I hope that Ma’had Al Imam Malik has a Tahfidzul Quran program because it is closely related to Arabic learning. So that in the future it will produce the Hafidz Quran,” he said.

UMP Ma’had Al Imam Malik Building Inaugurated By AMFC Founder From Dubai

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