UAD Held Astrocamp To Educate About The Night Sky

Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) held Astrocamp from Saturday (25/06) to Sunday (26/06). It was organized by the Center of Astronomy (Pastron) UAD. It was not the first time Pastron held a similar agenda. Previously, Astrocamp was conducted in two places. First, Baron Technopark, Gunung Kidul and second Kemit Forest, Cilacap. The third Astrocamp was placed in Wisata Tinalah Village. The village was selected due to the developmental potency for educational tourism, especially education about the night sky.

The participants were diverse from Elementary school students to higher education students. Pastron UAD provided three telescopes for the participants, including Skywatcher BK120, Skywatcher BK 909, and Bresser AR90. The telescopes were able to observe the stars, moon, sun, and cluster (a vast group of stars). The cluster belongs to faint objects that can be observed by using a telescope. The participants were astonished watching the faint distant objects due to a lot of knowledge observed.

The participants also learned how to use the star map in physical or applications on handphones, as reported on the official site of UAD. In the workshop session, the participants received materials about constellations in interactive presentations. One of the nocturnal animal species that use the light from the stars to migrate at night, fireflies, was easily caught by the eyes of Astrocamp participants. Astocamp became an educational camp that besides teaching how to survive and do the activity outside, also educates people on how to conserve the environment to preserve the earth.

UAD Held Astrocamp To Educate About The Night Sky

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