FEB UMJ Hosts The Fourth Muhammadiyah Day By Inviting Successful Alumni

The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Jakarta (UMJ) organized the fourth Muhammadiyah Day (HBM) since last Saturday (21/1). The program aimed to strengthen financial security of the community from FEB UMJ. FEB collaborated with approximately 100 MSMEs in South Tangerang. In the program, there were also food shopping vouchers worth IDR 40,000.00.

On this occasion, several parties presented, including UMJ leaders and academic civitas; the representative of Pakistan Embassy in Indonesia; Vice-Chairman of the House of Representative (DPR-RI), Rachmad Gobel; President Director of PT KAI Logistik, TLN Ahmad Malik Syah; and Deputy Director of Bank Indonesia, Rita Nawangsari. Also attended at At-Takwa UMJ Mosque., the General Secretary of PP Muhammadiyah, Prof. Dr. KH Abdul Mu’ti MEd.

In the program, UMJ also signed MoUs for collaboration with several companies, including Takaful Insurance and KAI Logistics. Ihrom Bayu Aji ST AAIK Dipl Insurance AIIS CRMP QIP, the President Director of Takaful Umum (General Insurance), mentioned that the MoU could be an opportunity for UMJ students to experience internship program. “At the same time, it can help UMJ protect assets from the risks that may arise,” he said.

Furthermore, the Chancellor of UMJ, Ma’mun Murod, said in his remarks that each faculty will have challenges in the following HBM after the latest program. “It becomes a challenge for the other UMJ faculties that will host the HBM. We can’t wait what the concepts will be, later. Their alumni could also present for the success of the event,” he said. Because, Rita Nawangsari, one of the invited guest, is an alumni of FEB UMJ.

Afterwards, Rita explained that the alumni of economics and business should participate in empowering people. “We can improve people’s capacity and provide great benefits to the community,” she said.

FEB UMJ Hosts The Fourth Muhammadiyah Day By Inviting Various MSMEs

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