UMS Student Finishes Her Double Degree Program in Dong-A University dan Gets Job Offer in Korea

Nakadzia Rika Andriani, a student of Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS) managed to get a Bachelor of Communication degree after completing the Double Degree Program at Dong-A University, South Korea. This program, she continued, was a program that can be followed by UMS double degree students and will later get two degrees, a degree in Indonesia, namely S.I.Kom and a degree when completing studies in Korea, namely Bachelor of Communication.

Nakadzia mentioned her interest towards this program arose when she was still in the third semester. “When I knew the information, I immediately consulted with my lecturer first,” said Nakadzia, Friday (24/02). She admitted that she was surprised by the culture there. The learning system of Korean students is the same as what she saw from Korean dramas in general. “It turns out that people are ambitious when it comes to education,” she added.

The student from Cilegon also said that if the Semester Credit Units (SKS) of students at Dong-A University have been fulfilled, the students can register for graduation with the requirement of choosing between working on a thesis or using a language certificate. “I took a language certificate as a graduation requirement,” she explained.

Besides studying, Nakadzia also takes part time and works part time there. “Here, I worked part-time every Saturday-Sunday, which is enough to pay for tuition, rent house, food, and so on. I worked on Saturday-Sunday, so from Monday to Friday I focused on studying and completing all my assignments. So far, there have been no obstacles,” she said. She also explained that she did not decide when she would return to Indonesia because she got a job there.

She also advised students who want to join the Double Degree program, especially if the destination of the country is not English speaking countries, they can maximize their language learning in Indonesia. Because it will be difficult in daily communication, if they take a course abroad due to the high cost. In addition, mental preparation is also very important.

This achievement is also inseparable from the support provided by the Communication Studies Program and the Cooperation and International Affairs Bureau (BKUI) in assisting the administration requirements. Head of BKUI, Andy Dwi Bayu Bawono, Ph.D appreciated Nakadzia’s achievement at Dong A Korea. “Job opportunities in Korea are much greater if you take a double degree program in UMS,” he explained.

UMS Student Finishes Her Double Degree Program in Dong-A University dan Gets Job Offer in Korea

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