STKIP Muh Kuningan Launched Application of Management Information System

The Institute for Teacher Training and Education Muhammadiyah Kuningan (STKIP Muh Kuningan) launched an Application of Management Information System (SIM) on Wednesday (02/03). The launch was organized by Quality Assurance Agency (LPM) and the Agency for Information Data System (SDI). The STKIP Muh Kuningan leaders attended the procession through Zoom Meeting. Later, the SIM application would be socialized to the lecturers and staff.

Basically, SIM is an application that covers various features for internal quality assurance activities. The features include, first, the performance contract feature. It facilitates the arrangement of performance contracts in every line through digitalization. Previously, the contract has been adjusted in Accreditation 4.0 rule. Second, the program feature serves as the program planning arranged by particular boards in realizing previous performance contracts. Third, the performance report feature presents a clear performance report recap based on PPEPP principles. The report also facilitates every structural leader in STKIP Muhammmadiyah Kuningan.

The Chairman of LPM, Nunu Nurfirdaus expected that the application launching would improve the quality assurance practice in STKIP Muh Kuningan. The application also ensures an excellent status in both Internal and External Quality Assurance systems. Because it requires prominent human resources and supporting advanced technology. “Through this SIM application, I have a high expectation on STKIP Muh Kuningan to implement good governance based on existing regulations. By this supporting application, the performance contract, various programs, and performance report on 2022 will produce a positive quality for the campus advancement to university,” Nunu said, as reported in STKIP Muh Kuningan site, Friday (04/03).

“The launching of SIM application becomes an implementation from campus vision that have excellent technology, and we (read: SDI) are ready to support that,” Sofyan Fajrin added, the Head of SDI (03/03). [] CHERD

STKIP Muh Kuningan Launched Application of Management Information System

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