Accelerate Student Adaptation Process, Here Is Routine Program in Unisa Bandung!

The New Student Orientation for Campus Life Unisa Bandung (KOPIKU) is an annual routine program of Unisa Bandung in accelerating the student adaptation process. This year, KOPIKU was conducted in hybrid, through Zoom Meeting and offline, located in the Mujahidin Mosque Hall, the First and Second Campus of Unisa Bandung, Monday-Tuesday (05/06-09).

The Committee Chief, Hanif Subagja, S.T. FT mentioned that KOPIKU aimed to introduce incoming students to their new environment. “Kopiku is a program to introduce new students to their campus life and prepare the transitional process from high school students to uni students,” he said.

Hanif also explained that KOPIKU has varied activities, including seminars, Forum Group discussions (FGD), and team-building programs. “KOPIKU contains various activities related to provide insight into national issues, academic atmosphere, Islamic and Muhammadiyah values, entrepreneurship, good governance on campus, student organizations, and many others,” said Hanif.

The Secretary of Committee, Diah Nur Indah Sari, A.Md.Keb.SKM reported that 623 freshmen followed the KOPIKU. The Rector of Unisa Bandung, Tia Setiawati, S.Kp.,M.Kep., Ns., Sp., Kep., An, in her remarks, mentioned the status of university students is a new start in their academic journey. “Your status as a university student is a new beginning of your academic journey in Unisa Banding. The academic activities, here, will provide you competency, good manners, cognitive-psychomotor competency improvement, and many others,” Tia said, Monday (05/09).

On the other hand, the Secretary II of ‘Aisyiyah Council for Higher Education, Dr. Sulistyaningsih, prompted the students to take every opportunity to learn and improve their knowledge and independently utilize digital devices, because they all are the future of Indonesia and Muhammadiyah.

Accelerate Student Adaptation, Here Is Unisa Bandung Annual Program!

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