Prof. Suryani, the First Professor in UM Sumatera Barat

To be a professor is a paramount goal for every academician. However, it is not effortless to achieve this highest academic position. We are demanded to have a strong mentality to face all challenges. Those were motivational words from Dr. Suryani, M.Si, a lecturer from Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Barat (UM Sumatera Barat), to encourage her to be a professor.

The Appointment Decree was directly submitted by the Head of Higher Education Service (LLDikti) Regional X, Afdalisma, SH, M.Pd in the LLDikti Regional X Office, Padang on Thursday (25/08). The Decree was received on 3 August 2022 by the Ministry of Education Culture Research and Technology of 50964/MPK.A/KP.07.01/2022. It was stated by Dr. Suryani, M.Si that raise her position to be a Professor with credit points of 871,70 from 1 July 2022.

Afdalisma congratulated her on the highest academic position for the academician that has been received by Prof. Suryani, M.Si. He continued that LLDikti Regional X (West Sumatra, Riau, Riau Islands, and Jambi) has 31 professors that the majority of them were from Universitas Islam Riau (UIR). “Prof. Suryani’s achievement as a professor makes us proud because the quality of LLDikti Regional X has also improved. Afterward, we will encourage and motivate our lecturers, both the civil servants and non-civil servants, to achieve professors sooner,” said Afdalisma.

Similarly, the Rector of UM Sumatera Barat, Dr. Riki Saputra, MA congratulated Prof Suryani MSi’s achievement of being the first professor in UM Sumatera Barat. “Congratulation on the highest academic rank that has been achieved by Prof. Suryani, M.Si. This achievement is positive news for UM Sumatera Barat because she becomes the first professor on this campus,” he said.

This young rector prompted all UMSB lecturers to follow Prof Suryani’s steps. Because the professor is the highest academic rank for the academician, said Riki Saputra in a closing statement. On the other hand, Prof. Suryani expressed her gratitude and a range of emotions. “I can finish all demanding jobs to be strong and pertinacious. Because the expectation did not meet the reality sometimes,” said Suryani in a phone interview on Friday (26/08).

At 57 years old, she realized she has varied limitations. Meanwhile, she surrounds herself with supportive people who support and motivate her, especially her husband, children, and colleagues. Therefore, for her, this remarkable achievement is a collective accomplishment.

She also appreciated the Rector of UM Sumatera Barat, Dr. Riki Saputra, MA, and all academic civitas for the encouragement and motivation to reach the professor rank. She also hoped and persuaded her colleagues to achieve the highest rank in the academic world.

Prof. Suryani, the First Professor in UM Sumatera Barat

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