1,382 UMRI Students Follow 2022 Community Service Batch XII

Universitas Muhammadiyah Riau (UMRI) sent 1,382 students to follow the 2022 Student Community Service (KKN) Batch XII on Saturday (27/08). The procession started with the release of balloons in the UMRI courtyard. The Rector of UMRI, Dr. H Saidul Amin MA mentioned that the current KKN should correspond exactly to the tagline named HEBAT. HEBAT derives from Humanism, Empathy, Synergize, Safe, and Faithful.

First, humanism means the students should humanize other humans. It also means that we need to honor, appreciate, and know each other about cultural values in KKN. Then, second, we should have empathy and sympathy with communities so that other people care about the students. Then, third, to synergize with various components of communities, starting from village civil service, local and religious figures, and scientists. Fourth, to create security conditions in the communities. And fifth, the students should be faithful to Allah SWT so they could be pioneers in implementing Islamic values in communities.

The Rector also explained that in 2023, UMRI planned to organize International KKN. It will be an internationalization of Muhammadiyah amid world communities and also internationalize UMRI as an institution. “InsyaAllah, there will be 3 countries that are ready to collaborate with UMRI about the International KKN, including Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. For the technical implementation, it will be arranged by the Institute of Research and Community Service (LPPM),” he said.

Furthermore, the Head of LPPM UMRI, Dr. Aidil Haris SSOs MSi reminded his 1,382 students to be serious in undergoing the KKN as it has been designed through the proposal.

1,382 UMRI Students Follow 2022 Community Service Batch XII

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