UAD Students Won First Place on Research Competition

Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) students followed National Student Scientific Week of Private Higher Education Institution on Sunday (19/12). They are Pharmacy students, namely Mila Erliyana, Dea Anggrainy Wumu, and Widyanari Febriana Wulansari. They compete for the research in the Student Achievement Center of MHEIs. In the competition, they won first place.

The research involved in Student Creativity Program-Exact Science Research (PKM-RE). PKM-RE aimed to discover the relationship of cause-effect, action-reaction, and design planning. Besides the three concepts, PKM-RE also examines social behavior, economics, education, health, and culture in experimental and descriptive aspects. The UAD teams raised the theme “Solid-snedds Zingiber Officinale formula as an Effectivity Improvement of Diabetes Mellitus Treatment”. It was selected because the metabolic disorder cases in Indonesia are high. In addition, they were also guided by Dr Apt Wahyu Widyaningsih MSi, the Pharmacy lecturer.

“We have a breakthrough as we called Self Nanoemulsifying Drug System (SNEDDS). Here, the bio-availability of red ginger elevated. Red ginger serves as alternative medicine. Therefore, the therapeutic effect can accelerate the treatment,” said Mila, in a Whatsapp interview on Thursday (06/01).

As reported on the UAD site, Mila expected that their research can be developed more. For example, by conducting a clinical test to create a product and affect positively for diabetic persons.

UAD Students Won First Place on Research Competition

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