ITB Ahmad Dahlan LP3M Conducted Workshop of Policy Paper Writing

The Institute for Research, Development, and Community Service of ITB Ahmad Dahlan Jakarta held the workshop on policy paper writing online Saturday (23/10). Seventy participants from Muhammadiyah-’Aisyiyah Higher Education Institutions all over Indonesia attended the workshop. Presented as the resource persons, Dr. Tauhid Ahmad as the Executive Director of INDEF and Ahmad Muttaqin Ph.D. as the Treasurer of Council for Higher Education Research and Development of Muhammadiyah Central Board.

The implementation was based on the importance of research results, which impacted policy transformation and improvement. The policy transformation and improvement were needed for the wider community.

The workshop was focused on the research grant recipients of RisetMu Batch #5 in 2021. From those research results, besides the scientific publication output, there was the additional output that was expected from the researchers in the form of policy. [] LP3M ITB Ahmad Dahlan Jakarta / Diktilitbang

ITB Ahmad Dahlan Conducted Workshop of Policy Paper Writing

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