UM Surabaya Focused to Tackle Stunting through Aikko Childcare Application

Universitas Muhammadiyah Surabaya launched the Aikko Childcare application in the Anthropometric Health Corner activity in Surabaya last Sunday (17/10). The application aimed to overcome stunting in Surabaya. Head of Pediatrics Department of UM Surabaya, dr Gina Noor Djalilah SpAMM, explained that health science should develop and keep up with the times. Therefore, as reported on the official UM Surabaya site, they created a digital application to tackle stunting. Gina, the Stunting Acceleration Program Coordinator, explained that the application is beneficial to monitor child development. “There is a lot of information in the application. The Aikko Childcare also aimed to ease the users to anticipate if there is unexpected development of the children. Especially, it is related on the nutrition intake,” she said.

The parents could use this application to replace visiting a doctor in the hospital or joining the health checkup activity, especially in the pandemic. Gina also said that it was necessary for the parents who decided not to check their child’s health condition because of worried and afraid they could take advantage of this application. The targeted users of this application were the expectant mothers and parents who monitor their child’s development.

On the same day as Anthropometric Heath Corner, UM Surabaya also held the Sick Children Limited Treatment (Poseant Series 1). The activity was held in Bulak Multipurpose Building of Kenjeran Public Health Service. The activity also helps the parents to monitor the child’s development in the range of 0-5 years old.

Aikko Childcare could be accessed online on the official website. On the site profile, Aikko Childcare is an application that aims to decrease stunting cases in the high-risk targetted group. It includes the expectant mother, breastfeeding mother, and mother with a toddler. Aikko Childcare would help all the mothers provide the information about the growth and development after the form submission available in the application. The application was developed by The Faculty of Medical Science in UM Surabaya. [] Diktilitbang


UM Surabaya Focused to Tackle Stunting through Aikko Childcare Application

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