UMRI Officially Held Hand Over Ceremony of Daily Advisory Board

Universitas Muhammadiyah Riau (UMRI) held a warm gathering and hand over ceremony of the Daily Advisory Board (BPH) UMRI for 2022-2026 on Friday (21/10). The Hand Over ceremony was from Dr. Isjoni, MSi, the Chairman of BPH in 2018-2022, to Prof. Dr. H M Nasir MA, the Chairman of BPH in 2022-2026. It was located in the Ahmad Dahlan Auditorium, UMRI Main Campus. Also attending the procession, the Chairman of Muhammadiyah Provincial Board, Riau, Dr. H Abdul Wahid accompanied by H M Zulfadli MPd and Dr. Hendri Sayuti MAg; the former member of BPH UMRI, Drs H Amran Hasan MM, the Chairman of Muhammadiyah Regional Board, Pekanbaru, Jabarullah SSos, the Rector of UMRI, Dr. Saidul Amin MA, and all the Vice Rector of UMRI, the Dean, and all academic civitas.

In his remarks, the Rector of UMRI mentioned the strategic roles of BPH in future development. “BPH is not a matter of judgment, but our parents. When there are problems with the university boards, you can share it with BPH,” Saidul Amin said.

Furthermore, he asked the Vice Chancellors and the Deans to frequently discuss BPH UMRI. “It will produce various great and brilliant ideas to build a greater UMRI in the future,” he said. Then, the Chairman of BPH,Prof. M. Nazir would like to thank all the old BPH boards for their excellent service over the past few years. “We express our gratitude to Mr. Isjoni and his team. We expect what has been done to become good deeds and grant a reward for all of us,” he said.

Before the BPH handover, Muhammadiyah Central Board had appointed Prof. Dr. H. M. Nazir, MA., as Chairman; Prof. Dr. Ir. Ari Sandiavitri, M.Sc., the Secretary; and Muslim, SE., MM, the Treasurer. Then, the board members are H. Abunawas, S.Ag., MM., Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Muhammad Usman Tang, M.S., and H. Ahmad Hijazi, SE., M.Sc.

UMRI Officially Held Hand Over Ceremony of Daily Advisory Board

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