Diploma-3 Poltekkes Muh Makassar Graduates 100% of Students

Diploma-3 Program of Medical Laboratory Technology (TLM) of Poltekkes Muh Makassar (the Health Polytechnique Muhammadiyah Makassar) held the Oath-taking Ceremony and Gathering in Gammara Hotel, Makassar on Thursday (24/11). It was attended by all Polytechnique leaders, academic civitas, alumni, students, and their relatives.

The Head of Medical Laboratory Technology mentioned that they officially graduated 100% of their 117 students. “Alhamdulillah, this year, Poltekkes Muh Makassar has received the Permit for Diploma-4 Medical Laboratory Technology establishment. InsyaAllah, in 2023, we will be ready to open admission,” he added.

Dr KH Mustari Bosrah MAg, the Chairman of the Daily Advisory Board, highly appreciated all graduate parents and relatives for their support in entrusting Poltekkes Muh Makassar as their children’s campus. “I want you, my students, to prepare yourselves for knowledge and skills, regardless of religion, ethnicity, and nationality,” he said.

On this occasion, the Director of Health Polytechnique Muhammadiyah Makassar, Dr. H. Effendy Rasiyanto, M.Kes. congratulated the alumni for their degrees in Healthcare Associates (A.Md.Kes). The student who got the highest GPA score, Andiri Tri Widyastuti Salam, A.Md.Kes, was also appreciated for her achievement in studying Medical Laboratory Technology.

Furthermore, the lecturers and instructors were also received  in several categories. According to the Director of Poltekkesmu Makassar, it can motivate them to develop and improve their performance in Poltekkesmu Makassar.

Diploma-3 Poltekkes Muh Makassar Graduates 100% of Students

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