STKIP Muh Abdya Students Are Expected To Be Global Leaders

STKIP Muh Aceh Barat Daya (STKIP Muh Abdya) students received Student Leadership Training from the Student Executive Board (BEM). The program was conducted from Saturday (14/1) to Sunday (15/1). Located at the STKIP Muh Abdya campus hall, 150 students joined the program with the theme “Building a Transformative Spirit and Reforming Leadership in the Society 5.0”.

The program invited three speakers from Australian alumni, namely Iskandar AS, the Head of Universitas Syiah Kuala Graduate Program in Education; Melly Misna, UIN Ar-Raniry lecturer; and Wildan Sani Rasyid, Muhammadiyah High School Principal in Banda Aceh. Mismaruddin Mahdi, the Muhammadiyah Regional Board in Aceh, prompted the students who follow the training to take advantage of this opportunity to develop the leadership character who are reliable, tough, responsible, and have good morals.

On the other hand, the President of STKIP Muh Aceh Barat Daya student, Afdhal Jihad, mentioned that the theme was selected due to the urgency of students to have critical awareness in order to own competitiveness in this industrial era 5.0. “As young intellectuals, the students have to develop a critical mindset and be able to be competitive in this global era. Because by always pursuing, nothing is impossible,“ said Afdhal.

One of the resource persons, Iskandar, explained that  STKIP Muhammadiyah Abdya student has the potential to compete. They have competitiveness against other campuses, both public and private. “With the English skills of students here, it is possible to pursue their Masters degree abroad. It means that they can obtain scholarships or student exchange programs between countries,” the Australian doctoral alumnus concluded.

STKIP Muh Abdya Students Are Expected To Be Global Leaders

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