UMS Students Design GEOREC Application in LIDM Innovation 2021

Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS) Students designed the Geometry Object Recognition (GEOREC) in Student Digital Innovation Competition (LIDM) 2021, which is conducted by Pusat Prestasi Nasional ‘National Achievement Center’ (Pusprenas).

Golden Team, the name of the team from Informatics Engineering Education Study Program UMS Students, succeeded as a 2021 LIDM finalist, which consists of Ifan Destya Adi Tama, Septiana Desi Ekasiwi, Yuni Setya Ningsih, and Aulia Qisthi Rosyada, under supervision of Dias Aziz Pramudita, S.Pd., M. Sc.

Geometry Object Recognition (GEOREC) is a mathematics learning application in Artificial Intelligence-based for students and educators, consisting of the learning activities material content including basic competence of learning material, interactive learning material, and detector of geometry object in the mobile application. It is easier to access the users.

Ifan Destya Adi Tama explained that the application advantage was to detect the object automatically and in real-time; GEOREC was the interactive learning media that can be used offline, the navigation system which is easy to understand and exciting design for the users. “The application (GEOREC) advantages are automatically real-time and can also be used offline,” Ifan said, reported from the official UMS site, Friday (17/09).

To use the GEOREC application, we can direct the flashcard to the camera; then, the system will automatically detect the geometry object. After the object is detected, the object will be matched by the database; then, the system will display the name of the two-dimensional object and its explanation both in text and audio. The algorithm used in the object detection process used the colour channel statistic. Head of UMS Student Affairs Bureau, Ir. Ahmad Kholid Alghofari, ST, MT, IPM explained that the students are assisted from the start of the competition until the end. [] Humas UMS / Diktilitbang

UMS Students Design GEOREC Application in LIDM Innovation 2021

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