UMM Won Second Place in E-Sports Competition

Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Students won the second place in Mobile Legend Zodiac E-Sports Competition Season XXII Regional Malang on Friday (24/07). The competition was conducted in Jambuluwuk Hotel and Resort, Batu. The team that won the competition was the Valhalla team in the Upper Bracket position. The team that comprised Giant Andili Pratama; Pramas Setya Wahyu; Fikri Nul Haikal; dan Denny Prassetiawan beaten 14 other teams in the competition.

Giant mentioned that he was proud of the achievement. “Currently, the game is no longer a hobby, but a career. For example, the entry of Indonesian e-sport to Sea Games and National Sports Week. Although UMM only got second place, I am really proud,” he said.

In the competition, Giant mentioned that he and his team had properly prepared. Besides practicing daily, they also prepare mentally to enhance their cooperation methods. From the first round to the semifinal, the team has recorded consecutive victories in several games, or famously called as Win Streak. However, in the semifinal, they experienced a decrease.

“We feel overwhelmed when we face the team from Sidoarjo. We lack the hero powers. It happens when we miss-communication. Luckily, we have faced the competition well,” the 2019 UMM students said.

He also hoped that the campus could support them in other E-Sports competition. Also, he expected that UMM students can make E-Sports a career. “From this achievement, I hope our friends that have talent and play the game online should keep practicing. Perhaps from the amateur player could be a pro player one day,” he concluded.

UMM Won Second Place in E-Sports Competition

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