UMKU Academic Forum Prepares Excellent Midwifery Students

Universitas Muhammadiyah Kudus (UMKU) held an academic forum on Tuesday (26/07). The academic forum was conducted through the Bachelor Program of Midwifery department of UMKU. The academic forum raised the theme “The Maternal Obstetric Emergencies”. UMKU invited an expert speaker, dr. Najib Budi Wardoyo, SpOg, works as an obstetrician-gynecologist.

In the remarks, the Rector of UMKU mentioned the purpose of the expert lecture. “This expert lecture becomes a medium to explore more about midwifery. We always support the similar program to provide students with professional skills in their fields,” said Dr. Rusnoto, S.KM., M.Kes (Epid). He also appreciated dr Najib’s contribution as the guest lecturer. “We appreciate dr Najib for sharing his knowledge. We hope it can be a worship practice and also a broader horizon of knowledge for the students,” he added.

The obstetric emergency is a hemorrhage that is a life-threatening condition during pregnancy. The emergency includes several types, including hemorrhage in the first week of pregnancy (abortus, hydatidiform mole, vascular cyst, extrauterine/ectopic pregnancy). Understanding these hemorrhages is important for Midwifery students. Therefore, the academic forum was conducted to prepare students when they work as professionals. They were expected to comprehend the information and become experts in midwifery.

The forum that held hybrids (both online and offline) ran smoothly. The participants were enthusiastic as they participated in giving feedback and intense discussion. The deeper presentation could be watched on the UMKU YouTube channel.

UMKU Academic Forum Prepares Excellent Midwifery Students

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