The Coaching for Unismuh Palu Lecturers to Encourage Acceleration in Functional Positions

Universitas Muhammadiyah Palu (Unismuh Palu) organized technical guidance for their lecturers on Saturday (14/05). The technical guidance invited four professors as resource persons and a moderator. Each professor delivered different materials to their specific competencies.

First, Prof Dra Indah Susilowati MSc Ph.D., the Universitas Diponegoro professor, gave coaching to prospective associate professors and professors. Second, Prof Eko Priyono SIP MSi MRes PhD, the UM Yogyakarta professor who delivered clinic journals. Third, Prof Waridin MSi Ph.D., the Universitas Diponegoro professor who gave coaching for doctoral program establishment. Fourth, Prof Jasruddin, the Universitas Negeri Makassar professor in delivering the important keys to the functional position proposal as an associate professor. Lastly, Prof Dr. Eliza Meiyani MSi, the UM Makassar professor, led the discussion.

The technical guidance was placed in Rectorate Hall attended by all boards and lecturers of Unismuh Palu. Prof Rajindra mentioned that currently, the average of Unismuh Palu lecturers is a lector. Therefore, the campus should encourage by providing enlightenment and important tips, even the solution to face challenges, such as inviting professors and experts in this field. “The following steps are to encourage the acceleration of their functional position,” said Prof Rajindra, as reported on the Unismuh Palu site.

All participants were enthusiastic about all materials from the speakers. It is illustrated in three participants’ requests to get their journal articles reviewed by the speaker. Furthermore, twelve lecturers requested to discuss their proposals as associate professor in the system. “In this technical guidance, it can be more practical, so the participants have a better understanding,” Prof Rajindra continued.

The Coaching for Unismuh Palu Lecturers to Encourage Acceleration in Functional Positions

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