UMP Encourages Village Economy with Pertashop

Located in Kalibagor Village, Kalibagor District, Banyumas Regency, the first Pertashop was opened, Tuesday (16/02). The Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP), Dr Jebul Suroso explained that this first step would be UMP’s encouragement to develop the village economy; however, the second purpose would be in the business aspect. “We expect that a lot of benefits will be achieved for the nearby community, and the flow of information was getting stronger,” said the Rector.

The selection of Kalibagor village due to the strategic location becomes a massive alternative route. Therefore, it was expected that the economy of the village community would increase. The Pertamina also determined the area in developing pertashop unit. The Rector of UMP explained that they were ready to collaborate with Pertamina to support pertashop development. Therefore, it was not limited to one location but also spread to the broader community.

Moreover, Banyumas Regent, Achmad Husein, who attended the grand opening of pertashop in Kalibagor explained that the pertashop was completed with motorcycle wash, Caffe, and a mosque that could absorb the workforce. It can be beneficial for the wider community. “I fully support the pertashop program in the villages. If it is needed, all villages will have pertashop to assist the community in the fuel needs,” said Achmad.

Sales Branch Manager of Pertamina Regional IV Cilacap, Andeka Sangtraga Hutapriya, said they targeted six pertashop establishments in their working areas every month, including Banyumas-Cilacap. However, the location survey and business development plan should be prepared to prevent bankruptcy and organize as expected.

“Currently, pertashop becomes a partnership program with an internal mechanism between the partner and the village government. It was expected to run well, and the nearby community will gain the benefits,” he said.

In Banyumas, nine pertashops had operated, and they were all well developed. UMP would keep motivating the development of the village economy.

UMP Encourages Village Economic Development with Pertashop

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