UMSIDA Achievement Increase, The Students Bagged 119 Medals

The achievements of Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo (UMSIDA) students have increased. This year, Umsida has achieved 119 medals in the Indonesia Science Competition (KSI) 2021 at the National level. It was conducted by the Indonesian Science Olympic Training (POSI). The online competition was followed by a hundred participants from state and private universities in Indonesia simultaneously on Sunday (14/02).

Umsida succeeded to bag 119 medals with eight gold medals, 28 silver medals, and 83 bronze. The Head of Student Affairs Umsida, Syahrul Ardiansyah, explained the current achievement of Umsida students has increased. “Alhamdulillah, in the competition, Umsida student achievements have significantly elevated. In the previous year, Umsida had bagged 28 medals, however in the current year, we succeeded to bag 119 medals,” said Syahrul.

Syahrul also expected that the achievement could encourage the students and become positive inputs when they graduate. “The achievement is inseparable from the role of all UM Sidoarjo academic civitas. It includes the lecturers and departments that assist their students,” he said.

The Rector of UM Sidoarjo, Dr Hidayatulloh, MSi explained that all students were given the same opportunity to follow the various competitions, academically and non-academically. “Especially, we encourage them to follow national and international competitions or Olympic. Those who have achievements will award the reward from UM Sidoarjo, and it will be acknowledged in the complementary document of the Bachelor’s certificate (SKPI),” he said. He explained that, for UM Sidoarjo, the student achievements could raise points in the assessment, including the department or institutional accreditation, the campus ranking by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and the Excellent Campus Awards by LLDIKTI Regional 7.

UMSIDA Achievement Increased, The Students Bagged 119 Medals

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