Rector of Unmuh Babel’s Speech on The Babel Anniversary Commemoration

The Rector of Unmuh Babel, Fadillah Sabri ST MEng, congratulated the 21st Bangka Belitung Province Anniversary in the commemoration celebration last Monday (22/11). He expected that all components in Bangka Belitung Province strengthen the education sector progress. Shortly, it aimed to Bangka Belitung to be a preeminent province in its young age, until the 40 years-phase.

“Bangka Belitung should prepare to be a province that finished in learning, which then, might actualize the knowledge they achived,” he said. As reported on the official Unmuh Babel site, Fadillah Sabri, the Rector of Unmuh Babel, is one of the pioneering figures of the Presidium for Bangka Belitung Province establishment in 1999-2000. He also encouraged all parties to collaborate in establishing a top and ideal province. To initiate to be a progressive, community well-being, and example for the other regions.

The commemoration celebration of the 21st Bangka Belitung Anniversary was conducted in Belitung Island. This celebration aimed to keep and elevate the unity spirit in Bangka Belitung. Fadillah prompted Babel community and leaders to continue the efforts to be an independent province that can compete with other regions and lead in the economic sector. “Bangka Belitung needs to be a more solid, harmonious, and conducive province to get investors’ trust to invest in Babel. It can affect the derivative positive impacts to the community development in Bangka Belitung,” he said. [] Unmuh Babel / Diktilitbang

Unmuh Babel Rector’s Speech on Babel Anniversary Commemoration

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