IAIM Sinjai Released 10 Students Following Pencak Silat Tournament

The Institute for Islamic Studies Muhammadiyah (IAIM) Sinjai released ten students on Saturday (14/05) to follow Pencak Silat Tournament. They planned to depart to Sengkang, Wajo, South Sulawesi, joining a tournament called Asian Indoor Athletics (AIA) Championship. In this tournament, twenty-six contingents from various institutions in South Sulawesi joined, including the Sinjai regency. Becoming the only participant from Sinjai, IAIM Sinjai represented Sinjai in competing with various institutions in South Sulawesi.

IAIM Sinjai has Tapak Suci (Muhammadiyah martial arts) branch board, named Tapak Suci Training Unit (ULTS) Putra Muhammadiyah IAI Muh Sinjai. The Chairman of ULTS Putera Muhammadiyah IAI Muh Sinjai, A Sri Bulan BM, mentioned the expectation for the team. “I hope the tournament will become a preparation. All ULTS members have opportunities to sharpen their abilities,” he said.

Furthermore, A Sri Bulan BM also highlighted that in the Pencak Silat Tournament of Asian Indoor Athletics (AIA) Championship, IAI Muh Sinjai would introduce Tapak Suci as one Student Activity Unit (UKM). Therefore, IAI Muh Sinjai is concerned with the importance of new experiences for ULTS Putera Muhammadiyah members. “The most important thing is we also have an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with other Tapak Suci cadres,” Sri Bulan said, as reported on the IAIM Sinjai site.

IAIM Sinjai Released 10 Students Following Pencak Silat Tournament

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