UM Palembang Law Faculty and Peradi National Board Held PKPA Batch VIII

The Faculty of Law, Universitas Muhammadiyah Palembang (UM Palembang) held Advocate Professional Special Education Program (PKPA) Batch VIII on Saturday (02/07). PKPA is a special education program for legal scholars to pursue their higher careers as advocates. It is held in collaboration with the National Board of Indonesian Advocates Association (Peradi). It is routinely conducted in the Law Faculty of UM Palembang. On this occasion, it was the eighth batch. “Seventeen participants, from academics and practitioners, attended the program,” reported Abdul Jafar SH MH, the Committee Chief of PKPA.

Furthermore, Soleh Idrus SH MS, the Vice-Dean I of Law Faculty appreciated the program. He also mentioned that it becomes a follow-up agenda from the Mou between the Law Faculty UM Palembang and Peradi. “It will become an additional value for Universitas Muhammadiyah Palembang, especially the Law Faculty,” he said. Soleh Idrus expects that PKPA will be able to organize the following batches. Furthermore, the Law Faculty of UM Palembang also hoped that it is part to produce high integrity and professional advocates.

MR Soki SH MH, the Board of Trustees of Peradi Palembang, prompted the participants to keep learning because PKPA is the start to be an advocate. “Therefore, we also take the oath as an advocate to ensure the quality of this profession,” he said. After the participants finished PKPA, they received a certificate from Peradi National Board. The certificate will be used as a requirement in the following lawyer test.

UM Palembang Law Faculty and Peradi National Board Held PKPA VIII

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