Association of UM Pringsewu Alumni 2022-2024 Officially Inaugurated

The Association of Universitas Muhammadiyah Pringsewu Alumni (IKA) 2022-2024 was officially inaugurated on Saturday, (10/22), in the UM Pringsewu Rectorate Hall. Based on the Rector’s Decree Number: 0327/KEP/II.3.AU/F/2022, UMPRI appointed Maulana Muhammad Lahudin, S.E., M.Si as the Chairman, Zunianto, M.Pd.I and Suherman, S.E. as Deputy Chair 1 and 2. Nur Faizal, M.Pd., becomes the Secretary, while Juliono, S.Pd., M.M., Vice Secretary, and Ns. Tiara as Treasurer.

In his remarks, the Chairperson of IKA UMPRI2022-2024, Maulana Muhammad Lahudin S.E., M.Sc. mentioned that they should maintain solidarity, friendship, the good name of UM Pringsewu, inform publicity about UM Pringsewu and establish cooperation with various parties. They also have to be creative and unique to adapt to the community. So that UMPRI could improve and develop in the future. Maulana Muhammad Lahudin, S.E., M.Si. also aimed to participate in improving UMPRI to become an excellent university in Lampung.

UMPRI Chancellor, Drs. H. Wanawir Am, M.M., M.Pd who also attended and inaugurated the IKA UMPRI 2022-2024, emphasized that the role of alumni was crucial. The alumni could not be separated from the alma mater, and currently, the alumni association was established to portray their dedication to Muhammadiyah. The Chancellor also appreciated the work of the Student Affairs and Alumni Institutions who had held the procession, that it was the first alumni association since UM Pringsewu was established.

Association of UM Pringsewu Alumni 2022-2024 Officially Inaugurated

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