PTMA Requires to Encourage Science and Technology Research

Institute for Research, Publication and Community Services (LP3M) Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) held ‘Science and Technology Development in Muhammadiyah organization’ Webinar online, Monday (08/02). The Science and Technology Development in Muhammadiyah-’Aisyiyah Higher Education Institutions (MHEIs) competes in the global world.

Prof. Haedar Nashir explained Muhammadiyah Foundation is Tajdid ‘Renewal’ with Progressive Islam perspective. The existence of Muhammadiyah Services (AUM) in economic management and Human resources competence in integrating religious values should be in line with a significant role of PTMA to do research and developing Science and Technology Development. “Of course, there should be a great role of University leaders or the Rector to mobilize their Professor and Doctors transforming research habits individually and by a group to publish in Scopus. The program should be productive for institutional research,” he said.

It is because Indonesia research is left behind from the other nations, especially in Science and Technology Development. Several countries have developed technology 5.0, while Indonesia is still in 4.0. “Those conditions should be motivation-driven for PTMA researchers, especially to continue working on the high-quality of research, to overcome the qualified science and technology researches,” continued Prof. Haedar reported from the UMY official website.

Meanwhile, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta professor, Prof. Dr. Khudzaifah Dimyati, S.H., M.Hum. inferred there are the Scientific mindset strategy and paradigm in Muhammadiyah for the Science object. He explained that there is no collaboration of exact science and social research in the Muhammadiyah environment. “There should be collaborations between social and scientific research; we should engage in different studies. But we have to keep following Islamic and Muhammadiyah values,” concluded Prof. Dimyati, Deputy Chair of Muhammadiyah Council for Higher Education, Research, and Development (CHERD).

MHEIs Require to Encourage Science and Technology Research

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