Banana Sheath Chips of UM Bulukumba Students Goes Viral

Mutiara, Khusnul Hatima, and Nursyamsi, UM Bulukumba students, produced viral banana leaf sheath chips and dominated the Bulukumba conversation. The chips originated from the banana’s leaf sheath, which is savoury, crispy, and beneficial for the human body.

Mutiara and her two friends experimented with the entrepreneurship assignment given by the lecturer. “Alhamdulillah, the banana sheath (Pelpi, derived from Pelepah Pisang) can be accepted by the community. From the first production of fifty packs, all of them were sold,” Tiara said.

Drs Jumase Basra, the Rector of UM Bulukumba, mentioned that the experiment was a rare invention that should be supported for production. “By considering the halal product and the quality of chips production, we will assist to communicate with the Department of Health and Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) for registering to the halal product,” Jumase said, as reported on Infotanews, Monday (01/02).

The Vice-Rector I, Asdar SPd, MPd, admitted that the banana sheath chips produced by the students were recommended and suitable for consumption. “I expect that the product will be registered to National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM) and MUI for the halal status. The incredible idea started from campus, to keep innovating,” Asdar said. [] UM Bulukumba / Diktilitbang

Banana Sheath Chips of UM Bulukumba Students Goes Viral

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