UMMI Launches Healthcare Clinic, Now Open to the Public

To support health care services on campus, Universitas Muhammadiyah Sukabumi (UMMI) launched a healthcare clinic for academic civitas, lecturers, students, and communities. Dr. Sakti Alamsyah, M.Pd, the Rector of UM Sukabumi directly launched the clinic accompanied by the Regional Secretary of Sukabumi, Dida Sembada; the Provincial Board of Muhammadiyah West Java; and the Chairman of the Daily Advisory Board. In his remarks, Sakti mentioned the launching was a starting point for UM Sukabumi in creating higher education that has a complete facility to support the academic civitas’ needs and generally for the communities.

“By the launching of the UMMI clinic, our campus has complete health facilities. It becomes a support infrastructure for the lecturers and students to regularly check their health condition in the Klinik Pratama UMMI ‘primary care’. Also, the communities can check their health here,” said Sakti when launching the UMMI clinic on Thursday (08/09).

Sakti also mentioned various services in the UMMI clinic, including health consultation, circumcision, minor surgery, nebulizer inhalation, oxygenation, cupping therapy, electrocardiogram, and modern wound treatment, and facilitating BPJS members to health services.

“Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists will serve in the clinic. We also try to elevate our clinic to be a health facility that facilitates BPJS members,” he said. For this occasion, Sakti hoped all communities and civitas academics of UM Sukabumi, both lecturers and students could access primary care to maintain their health.

“I hope UMMI Healthcare Clinic contributes to healthcare service improvement that is professional, safe, and affordable for Sukabumi communities and nearby, as a campus health service, preaching center, and worshiping medium to provide medical checkups. The UMMI clinic emphasized hospitality and safety in ensuring the services that prioritize the patients’ security to implement the vision and mission,” he said. During the launching, UMMI also provided free services for circumcision, wound treatment, and medical checkups.

UMMI Launches Healthcare Clinic, Now Open to the Public

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