UMAM Organizes Academic Training and Lecture Session For Ph.D. Candidates

In order to assist Ph.D. students to comprehend the research-based study, Universiti Muhammadiyah Malaysia (UMAM) organized an academic training and lecture session held on Wednesday-Tuesday (15-21/03) at the Fourth Campus of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD). The program followed by the first batch of Ph.D program entitled “Charting the Path to Academic Excellence: Essential Tools and Techniques for First-Year Ph.D. Students”. It is expected that the lecture session can also support lecturers preparing any obstacles they will face during their Ph.D. journey. The training session also brought in experienced lecturers to provide tips, even inputs to excel in the academic world.

UMAM welcomed more than 50 of its Ph.D. candidates. The training would certainly help them to succeed in their study journey. “We are very excited to organize this training session and we will welcome the first batch of UMAM Ph.D candidates,” said Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Waluyo Adi Siswanto, the Rector of Universiti Muhammadiyah Malaysia. Assoc. Prof. Waluyo believed the session would provide further information to help the Ph.D candidates succeed in their academic career.

Universiti Muhammadiyah Malaysia is a private university located in Perlis, Malaysia. UMAM is committed to provide a world-class research education system to support graduates who excel in the use of technology while adhering to Islamic Values. UMAM offers various PhD programs in Business and Management, Education, Information Technology, Social Sciences and Islamic Studies. UMAM aims to produce graduates enriched with leadership qualities and high academic achievements to contribute to industry, national and global society in the future. For further information, visit

UMAM Organizes Academic Training and Lecture Session for Ph.D. Candidates

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