‘Aisyiyah Central Board Appreciates Unisa Bandung as Actual Progression of ‘Aisyiyah in West Java

The Chairwoman of the ‘Aisyiyah Central Board (PPA), Prof. Dr. Masyitoh Chusnan, M.Ag gave appreciation to Unisa Bandung as an actual progression of ‘Aisyiyah in West Java. It is related to the existence of Universitas ‘Aisyiyah (Unisa) Bandung as one of three ‘Aisyiyah Universities under the only women’s organization in the world that own university, namely the ‘Aisyiyah Central Board.

It was Masyitoh Chusnan when delivering her remarks at the opening of the 13th Regional Congress (Musywil) of ‘Aisyiyah West Java, at the Asrilia Hotel Ballroom, Bandung, Saturday (11/03). Masyitoh Chusnan also appreciated the work programs from ‘Aisyiyah West Java, including Kuliyatul Mubalighat ‘Aisyiyah (KMA) which in two years has conducted two graduations. “It is a good program because we really need Muslim women to preach. KMA graduates are certainly ready to be spread to various regions,” said Masyitoh.


Distinctive features

Responding to Masyithoh Chusnan’s statement, the Chairperson of ‘Aisyiyah Provincial Board (PWA) in West Java, Dra. Ia Kurniati, M.Pd said Unisa Bandung as a service owned by the West Java is an actual proof of the progress of PWA West Java in demonstrating the characteristics of progressive women. “Alhamdulillah, Unisa Bandung received appreciation from the Chairwoman of the Aisyiyah Central Board, Prof. Dr. Masyitoh Chusnan, M.Ag. It undoubtedly becomes a prideful achievement as Unisa Bandung can illustrate the characteristics of progressive women. And, our efforts are not just empty talk,” she said in interview.

In this regard, she also said that PWA West Java will constantly improve its quality of education at Unisa Bandung. “We, from PWA West Java, will continuously advance Unisa Bandung, both in terms of quality and quantity. It is our struggle in education, especially at Unisa,” she said. At the end of the interview, she expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the support given by Unisa Bandung to succeed the 13th Regional Congress of ‘Aisyiyah.

The Chief Executive of the Regional Congress, Tuti Kusmiati S.Sos said that the Congress was held for three days, from March 10-12 by raising the theme “Progressive women, enlightening the civilization. “The congress started with a series of Musypimwil (regional leadership deliberations) on March 10, 2023 with the election of 33 permanent candidates who are brought to the final election agenda today,” said Tuti (11/03).

She also mentioned the series of Musypimwil and Musywil was carried out by e-voting which was assisted directly by the Integrated Information System (SIT) and Strategic Planning Bureau at Unisa Bandung. Based on the results of the election for 2022-2027, the new Chairwoman and Secretary of PWA West Java have been determined. The result was the re-election of Ia Kurniati as chairman and Nikmah Zaita as secretary.

‘Aisyiyah Central Board Appreciates Unisa Bandung as Actual Progression of ‘Aisyiyah in West Java

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