UMMI Appreciation To The Outstanding Students and Lecturers

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sukabumi (UMMI) ended 2021 by awarding outstanding students and lecturers, last Thursday (30/12). Dr Sakti Alamsyah MPd, the Rector of UMMI, directly disbursed the appreciation and scholarship located in UMMI Campus Auditorium, R. Syamsudin SH 50, Cikole, Sukabumi.

The appreciation aimed to encourage students to have achievements both academic and non-academic. That was a statement from Dr Sakti Alamsyah, “It was also a form of appreciation to students in enhancing the reputation of UMMI,” he added.

Twenty-five million funds were disbursed for this appreciation and scholarship, in total, that would be handed based on the championship level and medal-winning. “It was based on last year’s achievements. The current period’s disbursement is more than the previous year,” said Dr Sakti, as reported on Radar Sukabumi.

He highlighted that the achievements could not suddenly receive, but those were a long process, including, first, the arranged programs from the related organization. Therefore, UMMI provided full support for these agendas. Second, the facilities to elevate competencies in respective areas. Dr Sakti explained that the campus would have a responsibility to provide facilities. “I had mentioned before to the students about the facilities needed. If it is an urgent need, they can ask the university to support it,” he said.

UMMI Appreciation To The Outstanding Students and Lecturers

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