Mastamaru STKIPMKu Warmly Welcomes 490 Freshmen

STKIP Muhammadiyah Kuningan (STKIPMKu) held the Freshman Orientation program (Mastamaru) on Tuesday (06/09). The program was conducted in the northern yard of STKIPMKu and finished on Thursday (08/09). Four hundred and ninety new students followed the orientation program. It made Mastamaru STKIPMKu different from other orientation programs because the concept was similar to the Open Senate Meeting.

The Chairman of STKIPMKu, Nanan Abdul Manan officially opened the orientation with appreciation and a warm welcome. “We welcome all freshmen that currently become a part of STKIPMKu. I hope that you believe in yourselves and that you did not choose the wrong higher education institutions. We persuade you to be an excellent graduate in education, technology, and entrepreneurship. One on selling, one on service,” said Nanan, on the official site of STKIP Muhammadiyah Kuningan.

On this occasion, various parties attended the program, including the Muhammadiyah Regional Board; ‘The Aisyiyah Regional Board; the Daily Advisory Board (BPH) of STKIPMKu; Vice-Chairman I, the Vice-Chairman II; the Head of Department; and the lecturers. The representatives of BPH STKIPMKu, Drs. Rosid Ismail MPdI also delivered his remarks. He hoped that the freshmen also elevated their motivation and intention. “The new students will become a part of good deeds, especially in education, including to share knowledge,” he said.

“I am proud and appreciate the Mastamaru because it raises the unique concept in the Open Senate Meeting, so the new students can understand and meet in person with the Senate and Lecturers from each study program,” said Wahid, as the Muhammadiyah Regional Board.

Mastamaru STKIPMKu Warmly Welcomes 490 Freshmen

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