UM Sumatera Barat Students Held Week of 2021 National Heroes Day

English Education Student Association, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Barat (UM Sumbar) held a week of 2021 National Heroes Day in the local campus, Wednesday (10/11). The Dean of FKIP UM Sumbar, Dr Mafardi, MPd explained that Heroes Memorial Day is necessary to memorize heroes who fought and sacrificed to achieve Indonesia’s independence and ensure the unity of the nations. “Moreover, the memorial momentum can be a reminder establishing the awareness to embrace and maintain the values of stuggles in life,” he added.

By theme “Cultivate the Spirit of Heroism during the Pandemic of Covid-19”, the agenda also comprised of a set of competitions for students and high school students in West Sumatera. The competitions included English Debate, Scrabble, Speech, Storytelling, and Reading poetry. All of the agenda was conducted with a strict health protocol. Another schedule from the competition sequence was a quiz with the theme “Quiz on National Hero” followed by 103 participants to win the prize of book collection with heroism and leadership topics.

The competition participants originated from various schools and higher education institutions, such as SMAN 3 Padang Panjang, SMK Cendana, MA-KMM Kauman, STES Manna Wassalwa, Diniyah Puteri. Meanwhile, UM Sumbar participants included the Faculty of Engineering, Social Science and Political Science, Law, Agricultural Science, Health Science students, and many others. [] UM Sumbar / Diktilitbang

UM Sumbar Students Held Week of 2021 National Heroes Day

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