IAIM Sinjai Interactive Dialogue Discussed Sexual Harassment in Campus

The Institute for Islamic Studies of Muhammadiyah (IAIM) Sinjai held the Interactive Dialogue in HM Amir Said Auditorium, Wednesday (22/12). The agenda was conducted by the Student Activity Unit (UKM) Student Information and Counseling Center (PIK M) Ahmad Dahlan. The theme “Sexual Harassment in Campus,” Sinjai State Prosecutor Office, Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection, Population Control and Family Planning Office (DP3AP2KB) Sinjai, the Institute for Ethics Code, and IAIM Sinjai Counselor delivered the materials for the discussion.

According to the Chairman of PIK M Ahmad Dahlan, Irfandi, the rising cases of sexual harassment occurred everywhere, including on campus, and the victims were students. “The increasing case of sexual harassment has been read and heard in the media. We, UKM PIK M Ahmad Dahlan, initiated to conduct this interactive dialogue, about the sexual harassment in campus,” said Irfandi in the opening ceremony.

Moreover, the Technical Coach of UKM PIK M, Faridah MSos.I, who attended the opening ceremony, appreciated the implementation of Interactive Dialogue. “I appreciate the resource persons who delivered the interactive dialogue, and I am proud of all my students in PIK M AD IAIM Sinjai that held the interactive dialogue,” she said.

In addition, the resource persons in this agenda comprised Rahmi Hamidah, SH, MKa from the State Prosecutor Office, A Tenri Rawe Baso, ST MSi from DP3AP2KB, A Alauddin SH MH from the Institute for Ethics Code, and Desi Alawiyah SSos, MA from the IAIM Sinjai Counselor.

IAIM Sinjai Interactive Dialogue Discuss Sexual Harassment in Campus

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