IMM Sukabumi Local Government Should Be More Responsive

The Covid-19 Response Acceleration Task Force in Sukabumi stated the total of current Covid-19 cases in Sukabumi is 5.171, with 68 patients who underwent self-isolation, 111 patients who were isolated in Hospital, 153 passed away, and 4.839 recovering from the disease. The Covid-19 impact was not only in the health sector but also in economics.

The elevation number of termination of employment (PHK) influenced the significant possibility of the increasing poverty rate in Sukabumi. Muhammad Agung Bilal, the Chief of Social Community Empowering of Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM), explained to face demography bonus, Sukabumi Government should analyze the young generation potency. “It requires the responsive moves in economics because it was in line with the President Joko Widodo direction to realize Kesehatan Pulih, Ekonomi Bangkit ‘Health Restored, Economy Rises’, he said.

He also emphasized the natural resources that Sukabumi has, including the vast ocean, tourism destination, and agricultural sector that also contribute to economic development and absorb labor. Therefore it can be an encouragement to Micro Small Medium Enterprises (UMKM) of Sukabumi to manage and market inside and outside Sukabumi to elevate the economy.

“IMM expects that the Local Government of Sukabumi can initiate the economic recovery task force in Sukabumi. It can invite youth as partners in the aid distribution from Central and Local Government to the wider community to conduct economic recovery,” he said, as reported on the official UMMI site. [] Diktilitbang

IMM Sukabumi: Local Government Should Be More Responsive

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