On 42nd Anniversary, Unmuh Jember Launched General Hospital

On the 42nd Anniversary, Universitas Muhammadiyah Jember (Unmuh Jember) launched a General Hospital (RSU) located on Jalan R Wolter Monginsidi 91, Kranjingan Village, Sumbersari District, Saturday (11/03). The launching was attended by Prof. Haedar Nashir, the President of Muhammadiyah Central Board; Hendy Siswanto, the Regent of Jember; Dr. Hanafi MPd, Rector of Unmuh Jember, academicians, and invited guests.

RSU Unmuh Jember is the 101st of 121 hospitals owned by Muhammadiyah. The Rector of Unmuh Jember, Dr. Hanafi mentioned that the launching of the hospital coincided with the 42nd anniversary. Hanafi also hoped that Unmuh Jember could continuously develop and take a role in society. “We are also ready to synergize and collaborate with various parties, especially the Jember Government to develop local MSMEs,” he explained.

RSU Unmuh Jember with built-up area 17,547 m2 is on type C. The human resources in the hospital includes 93 people consisting of 63 medical personnel, 5 paramedics, and 25 non-medical personnel. The hospital is also equipped with 11 polyclinics consisting of specialists in internal diseases, pediatrics, surgery, obgyn, dental and oral specialists, ENT, blood, and general clinics. In addition, 3 polyclinics are under construction for eye, heart, and lung specialists.

Jember Regent, Hendy Siswanto also appreciated the establishment of UM Jember Hospital. Under the auspices of the blue campus, the UM Jember Hospital can certainly support health services that have been deemed insufficient. “Because our population is 2.6 million. The existence of this hospital is our joint endeavor and we are ready to support what is needed,” said the Regent. The number one person in Jember also expected that the inauguration of UM Jember Hospital could improve the economy in Jember Regency, both from labor absorption and local MSMEs.

Furthermore, Prof. Haedar Nashir also explained that the presence of Unmuh Jember Hospital is one of Muhammadiyah’s commitment to build the nation. He also advised that the management of the hospital can be well-established according to the spirit of Muhammadiyah. “RSU UM Jember also brings the value of Islam as a religion that secures the life of the nation,” he explained.

On 42nd Anniversary, Unmuh Jember Launched General Hospital

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