UMSU Supports The Local Potency in Jaring Halus Village

The Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) UMSU visited the fostered village in Jaring Halus, Wednesday (02/06). Syaiful Amri Saragih, the Head of LPPM, explained that the visitation was the follow-up of the Jaring Halus request.

The Village Chief of Jaring Halus, H Usman SPd, mentioned his expectation for UMSU assistance in the natural resource potency development starting from the management and marketing comprised using Jeruju leaves as tea, berembang, and Nipah fruit as the high-value products. He also requested that UMSU empower the community to produce handicrafts (tanjak, the modern Malay clothes) and the typical souvenirs of Jaring Halus. “The management of waste to be high-value products currently becomes a serious problem,” he said.

Usman expected that UM Sumatera Utara could develop the human resources to motivate youth to pursue higher education through scholarship. Currently, Jaring Halus already has a Community Reading Room with no human resources. Therefore we need UMSU assistance to help. Usman also hoped that UMSU could facilitate publication about Jaring Halus’s history.

Previously, UM Sumatera Utara has conducted literacy classes in 2009. The assistance was handed over in 2016-2020. The Head of LP2M, Syaiful Saragih, explained the meeting completed by the follow-up plan, including strengthening the Village-Owned Enterprises as local potency development spearhead. [] Diktilitbang

UMSU Supports The Local Potency in Jaring Halus Village

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