Head of STIH Muhammadiyah Bima: Students Should Transform to The Better

STIH Muhammadiyah Bima, (2/9) – Students should transform for the better. It started the transformation of thinking, from the presumptuous, old-fashioned, and banal thought to the rational and critical thought. That was the statement of Head of STIH Muh Bima, Dr. Ridwan, S.H, M.H when delivered the speech on the orientation of prospective students, Thursday (2/9).

Ridwan explained that the students should acquaint to think and understand deeper behind the surface phenomena. The students should adapt to the advanced digital world and industrial revolution 4.0. Therefore, it is essential to create the generation to follow the development of time. “The education world should transform. Whoever could not adapt, they would leave behind,” he admitted.

The rapid transformation set the transformation of facilities and the learning model. Currently, the computer and internet ignored human interaction limitations and made everything easy. Hence, the students should be active as it would be student-centered learning.

Moreover, Ridwan also explained that STIH Muh Bima had various social identities, ethnicity, and religious views, therefore, that reality should consider as grace and the positive capital for progress. STIH Muh Bima brought the big mission of Muhammadiyah. “The big family of STIH Muhammadiyah Bima students should maintain a good name of institutions,” he concluded. [] Diktilitbang

Head of STIH Muhammadiyah Bima: Students Should Transform to The Better

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