Involving 5,718 Freshmen To Perform Wayang, UMY Breaks A World Record

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) broke another record in Record Holders Republic (RHR) for organizing Masa Taaruf ‘New Student Orientation’ (Mataf), Sunday (04/09). Located in Sportorium UMY, the world record was achieved by involving 5,718 new students in performing wayang (a traditional form of puppet originating from Java) on the local campus.

Faris Al Fadat mentioned that it aims to spread positive impacts by introducing cultural values through the most numerous wayang and dalang (the puppeteer). “Besides the encouragement process for new students to reach accomplishment at the beginning of their first year,” said the Vice-Rector for Student and Alumni affairs. Faris also mentioned that the world record has been prepared for the last three months with a wayang concept by students collectively.

The students and the main puppeteer, Ki Udreka Hadi Swasana, performed ‘Sang Abhiseva” which explained Indonesia’s diversity. The A3-size portraits from the students were of varied tribe representatives in Indonesia. In the record-breaking, the committees used one main puppeteer and 5,718 students as his assistants. In the performance, dialogues were divided alternately. “Whoever breaks the world records becomes a prideful achievement for the campus and Indonesia,” he said.

On the other hand, the representative of Asia President of RHR, Lia Masmutiasari explained that the performance with 5,718 students broke another world record. “For this occasion, RHR gives three world certificates of appreciation, including the UMY Rector as a creator, the committee of Mataf, and event coordinator,” she said.

Involving 5,718 Freshmen To Play Wayang, UMY Breaks World Record

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