Inauguration of Muhammad Darwis, UM Tapanuli Selatan Rector

Muhammadiyah Central Board inaugurated Muhammad Darwis as UM Tapanuli Selatan Rector in the year 2022-2026, Friday (27/05). The procession was placed in UM Tapsel Auditorium where Muhammad Darwis, the former Dean of the Teacher Training and Education Faculty, was inaugurated to substitute Dra Muksana Pasaribu MA.

The Deputy-Chair of Muhammadiyah Council for Higher Education, Research, and Development (CHERD), Prof Dr H Edy Suandi Hamid, MEC inaugurated online. Several parties witnessed the procession, including Tapanuli Selatan Regent, Dolly Putra Parlindungan Pasaribu; the Vice-Mayor of Padang Sidempuan, Ir Arwin Siregar; the Higher Education Service Institution (LLDikti) Regional I representative of North Sumatera, Solahuddin Nasution; the Secretary of Coordination of Higher Education Institutions Regional IX, Zulkarnain Nasution; Muhammadiyah Province Board of North Sumatera; Tapanuli Selatan Departmental Police; Padang Sidempuan Sectoral Police; District Military Command 0212/TS; the Rector of IAIN Padang Sidempuan, Dr Muhammad Darwis Dasopang; and Muhammadiyah Regional Board of Tapanuli Selatan and Padang Sidempuan.

Moreover, Prof Edy Suandi Hamid explained that the leadership of Dra Muksana Pasaribu MA brought UM Tapanuli Selatan stability and development, so Prof Edy expected that Muhammad Darwis could focus on academic excellence. “Develop innovation, transformation, and breakthrough. For instance, to increase accreditation from B to A status,” he said.

In his remarks, Muhammad Darwis encouraged academic civitas to develop the campus as people’s expectation, one of them is to establish a Graduate program. “In the following year, the Graduate Program in the Law Faculty will be established. Two years later, the Faculty of Animal Husbandry was also launched. We should prepare to start from now,” he said. In the previous period, UM Tapanuli Selatan succeeded in adding three more study programs.

Inauguration of Muhammad Darwis, UM Tapanuli Selatan Rector

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