Unisa Bandung Creates a Task Force: To Overcome Regulation Related to Sexual Violence Acts

The regulations governing cases of sexual violence acts need to be reviewed. Because, there are many cases of sexual violence that are not reported to the authorities. Even if reported, the case handling by the authorities is quite complicated and it is also related to the good name of the victims of violence acts. It was the conclusion of the seminar entitled “Prevention of Sexual Violence in Higher Education” held by Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Bandung (Unisa Bandung), at the Balai Santika building, Bikasoga, Bandung, Tuesday (07/02).

In the seminar opened by the Chancellor of Unisa Bandung, Tia Setiawati, S.Kp, M.Kep, Ns, Sp.Kep.An, it invited various speakers, Police Grand Commissioner Adjutant Taufik Rohman representing the West Java Regional Police Chief; Inspector General of Police Drs. Suntana, M.Si; Dr. Atalia Praratya, S.IP., M.I.Kom, and Eddi Broccoli.

The atmosphere of the seminar was warm, when Atalia “Cinta” Ridwan Kamil combined her presentation with video slides of sexual violence cases and practical self-defence simulations tackling sexual violence acts. The moderator of the seminar, Rahmat and Atalia Praratya guided a self-defense simulation which involved all audiences. In addition, the participants who also filled the balcony had the opportunity to witness the choir from the Unisa Bandung Arts team led by Gabriele Stefhany Teesen.

Related to the conclusion of the seminar, Taufik Rohman and Atalia Praratya agreed that so far, the public tends to assume that victims of sexual violence acts are women. Based on the facts in society, it turns out that men also experience the sexual violence. Ironically, the mass media usually reports on cases with women victims only.

Taufik Rohman said, in several areas in West Java, several cases of sexual violence acts also happened to men. On the other hand, for the police it is actually quite complicated to deal with sexual violence acts. In some cases, the police have taken it seriously. The team of investigators had already worked according to the existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). While in the process, the informant/victim suddenly withdrew their cases. There were also informant who apparently did not understand enough about the facts of sexual violence acts.

“Investigators asked about the incident, from A to Z. For example, with whom did the victim come to the hotel and enter the room? Who took off the top, bottom skirt, and who started it. When told by the victim, investigators finally concluded that there was no act of sexual violence. Because there was a similar case in Kuningan Regency recently, it turned out that the victim was aware that s/he entered the hotel room, even after the incident, s/he had time to eat at a restaurant with the perpetrator. It means that the definition of consensual is included in the case,” he said by adding that the police were actually reluctant to handle cases of sexual violence allegation due to its sensitivity and complexity of the matter.

In her remarks, Tia Setiawati stated that the 1945 Constitution states that independence is the right of all nations. Consequently, we have the right of independence both physically and spiritually. “Currently there is a lot of colonization in various fields, including economic, social, colonization and others. One form of “colonization” is sexual violence in education institution. This type of colonization can take away the independence of academic civitas at the university, so it can counterproductive the potential of the individuals concerned,” said Tia Setiawati.

Regarding the topic of the seminar, said Tia Setiawati, Unisa Bandung has formed a Task Force for the Prevention and Handling of Sexual Violence (PPKS) to support the independence right of students, lecturers, education staff if they experience unpleasant conditions. She also mentioned the functions of PPKS to receive services and complaints from academic civitas. “We hope that Unisa Bandung can create a good academic culture, an independent campus according to Unisa Bandung’s values, namely good morals, professionalism, and high integrity,” said Tia Setiawati.

Unisa Bandung Creates a Task Force: To Overcome Regulation Related to Sexual Violence Acts

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