Prof Haedar Is In The Top 100 Social Scientist in Indonesia

The President of Muhammadiyah Central Board, Haedar Nashir is included in the list of the Top 100 Social Scientists in Indonesia according to the Alper-Doger (AD) Scientific Index 2022. The assessment of the AD Scientific Index is based on scientific performance and the added value of scientific productivity of scientists in the last five years.

The data source from AD Scientific Index is based on Google Scholar with attributes, consisting of total h-index, i10 index, and citations. H-index is an index to measure both the productivity and influence of a researcher’s published work. Meanwhile, the i10 index is a researcher’s score in publications that have scientific papers and are quoted by at least 10 scientific papers. Also, the citation is the number of scientific works that are cited and become a reference source for scientific works.

In a statement from the AD Scientific Index, the main requirement to be listed as the top scientist is to have a minimum of 300 citations. Around 743,755 scientists are included in world ranking lists, there are 1,273 Indonesian scientists. Haedar Nashir has a total h-index of 19, an i10 index of 23, and citations of 2,984. It is placing Prof Haedar as the Top Social Scientists in Indonesia at 37th place. Meanwhile, at the regional level; he is listed as 1,061th in Asia and 14,426th in the world.

Undoubtedly, the big family of the Muhammadiyah Foundation is proud because most of the figures included in the list are pure lecturers. They have more time to conduct the research, besides teaching in class and serving in the community. As well as being a lecturer at the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Prof Haedar is also the leader of one of the largest Islamic organizations in Indonesia. His time is not only for conducting research, teaching, and devoting but also for being a leader in communities. [] Muhammadiyah / CHERD

Haedar Nashir Is In The Top 100 Social Scientist in Indonesia

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