2022 UM Gresik Student Orientation is Underway with Edutainment Concept

The 2022 Student Orientation, familiarly known as Masa Ta’aruf (Mataf), in Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik (UM Gresik) entered the second day on Saturday (10/09). Varied exciting programs from various parties were organized, including 53 student organizations; 32 student associations of departments; 18 student activity units; the Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM); the Student Executive Board (BEM); and the Student Representative Council. The parade was conducted on the grounds of the UM Gresik Building and the Sumbawa parking lot.

The tenth student associations of departments (HMJ) introduced their organization and the history of the study program to thousands of 2022 freshmen. Each HMJ presented its materials in 32 classes that had been prepared by the 2022 Mataf Committees. Besides the student organization and competencies in each department, varied games and performances from several HMJs warmly welcomed the freshmen.

Furthermore, the incoming students could also visit student activity units (UKM) stands located at the back of Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik’s parking lot on Sumbawa street. Thousands of students with different chants visited the UKM stands that were hedged in tidy rows with fancy decorations.

Bima, one of the freshmen, admitted that he was grateful to join the 2022 Mataf UM Gresik that was beyond his expectation. According to him, the 2022 Student Orientation, besides presenting education, was also completed by amusing entertainment. “As new students, we are happy and never imagined that the orientation is not that awful. All programs made us proud and believed that studying in UM Gresik will bring success,” he said.

UM Gresik Student Orientation is Underway with Edutainment Concept

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