UM Pringsewu Lampung Held Ideological Training for Prospective Graduates

Universitas Muhammadiyah Pringsewu (UM Pringsewu) Lampung held Baitul Arqom Purna Studi (Ideological Training for the Student with Completed Credit Requirement) themed “Internalization of Muhammadiyah Values to Create Excellent and Dynamic Graduates”. The agenda was conducted for two days on Friday-Sunday (05-06/02) and followed by 644 students offline and online. The participants comprised of the 305 Faculty of Teacher Training and Education students, 244 Faculty of Health Science students, 78 Faculty of Economics and Business students, dan 27 Faculty of Islamic and Muhammadiyah Studies students.

Drs H Wanawir Am MM MPd explained that Baitul Arqam Purna Studi was a combination of Islamic and Muhammadiyah Studies that the students have been through in the 1st-8th semester. He admitted that the agenda aimed to strengthen the internalization of Islamic and Muhammadiyah values both on campus and in real life. “It becomes a form of responsibility and service to prepare UM Pringsewu prospective alumni to face the working world and social live in the community,” he said.

He also said that ideological training should be integrated with judicium.”The important thing to make judicium not only a ceremonial procession but also benefits the prospective graduates to prepare career pathway and community’s social life,” he concluded.

UM Pringsewu Held Ideological Training for Graduands

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