Two 2021 Abdidaya Championships Achieved By UM Purworejo

Universitas Muhammadiyah Purworejo (UM Purworejo) Students bagged two championships in the 2021 Abdidaya awards, Monday (06/12). The award program aimed to appreciate the student programs in community service and empowerment held by the Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs (Belmawa) for the Directorate General of Higher Education, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. It also became the final program of community service and village empowerment implemented by the student organization. A hundred and thirteen higher education institutions in Indonesia with 240 total groups participated in the competition.

The categories include the student organization, village partner agencies, assisting lecturers, and supporting program systems.

The championship was conducted blended, offline and online. Two teams from the Village Development and Empowerment Holistic Program (PHP2D) UM Purwokerto won the awards. First, the Si MaCo team derives from Sistem SMart Condongsari (Condongsari Smart System) by the Physics Science Student Association. The team which Umi Pratiwi SSi MSc assisted from the Physics Science Lecturer won a prideful award in 3rd place in the village partner agency category.

Second, Gandewalana team stands for Krandegan Desa Wahana Dolanan Panah (Krandegan, the archery village attraction). The scout is the student activity unit representing the team assisted by Jeki Wibawanti SPt MSi MEng from the Animal Husbandry department. The team achieved the Favourite Team in the Student Organization category.

The competition enhanced the reputation of UM Purworejo and Purworejo Regency. It also provided a pleasing enhancement for Krandegan and Condongsari villages because the community empowerment programs from both teams were located in these villages.

Two 2021 Abdidaya Championships Achieved By UM Purworejo

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