High-Protein Mocaf Products As UM Purwokerto Research Findings

The research team from UM Purwokerto, the collaboration between Chemical Engineering and Agrotechnology department, examined the Modified Cassava Flour (Mocaf) with high protein. They raised “The Development of High-Protein Mocaf Products”. The research was conducted by the funding of the Ministry of Education, Cultures, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbud Ristek) on the Innovative-Productive Research (Rispro) LPDP Program. The research was granted on Village Research Grant Scheme led by Dr Anwar Ma’ruf ST MT and his team, Alwani Hamad ST MSc PhD and Arif Prashadi Santosa STP MSc as researchers in bio food processing and Dini Nur Afifah SSi MEng as a researcher on chemical analysis. “The research involved PT Rumah Mocaf Indonesia as the leading partner to produce a high-protein mocaf,” said Dini Nur Afifah.

According to the researchers, mocaf products contain little protein. So the researchers examined to optimize and fortify the cassava fermentation through the addition of specific enzymes. It helped to improve the protein level. It was expected that the protein level in mocaf could be higher than the current mocaf products. The research was conducted over six months, and the research team succeeded in improving its protein level from 1% to 3%.

The researchers involved various lecturers from varied fields, and also the students. Ten students from Chemical Engineering and Agrotechnology were involved in the implementation of the Independent Learning and Independent Campus (MBKM) program. The team leader and Vice-Rector for Research, Innovation, and Human Resources, Dr. Anwar, explained that the program was beneficial for students academically and non-academically. “The students can observe how the industrial world works and apply chemical engineering in industry,” he said. If the research is successful in improving protein levels, the Chemical Engineering of UMP would build a Mocaf Production House with the remarkable products of the high-protein mocaf. It also optimized the Alumni potencies to be Mocaf production pioneers in their village by clustering system.

High-Protein Mocaf Products As UM Purwokerto Research Findings

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