Baitul Arqom of MSPP Batch IV

Muhammadiyah Diktiltibang Council, in collaboration with Muhammadiyah Cadre Education (MPK) Council and LazisMu held Baitul Arqom of Muhammadiyah Scholarship Preparation Program (MSPP) Batch IV in Development of Quality Assurance for Vocational Education building (BBPPMPV) for Arts and Culture. The program, intended for Muhammadiyah cadres, aims to prepare for study abroad intensively and how to get the scholarship.

Prof. Dr. Sofyan Anif, M.Si, Rector of UM Surakarta, said that the policy regarding the rationalization of private education issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture in the future should be responded to positively. Including the number of private institutions with low quality and are headed for collapse. The rationalization is about the students and the qualified Human Resources (HR),, which can be seen from the quality or capacity of the Doctorates. He advised that the Muhammadiyah-‘Aisyiyah Higher Education Institutions (PTMA) not only increase the number of doctors but also improve the quality of doctors. “If MSPP Batch IV is only focused on study overseas, in the near future, the Council can innovate to develop the doctoral needs in the country,” he explained online (05/10).

As the keynote speaker and to open the program officially, Prof. Lincolin Arsyad explained that currently, what is required to be prepared to study abroad is the nature of being open-minded. Studying abroad is not only attending the lecture but also being able to see how other people and other cultures are. “You can look for the added value when you study abroad later,” he said. Prof. Lincolin continued, if observed in the COVID-19 condition, the current education map has changed. English proficiency is essential, especially with the rapid development of information technology. “In the future, we should control the world of information. Therefore, the opportunity to participate in the MSPP program is extremely beneficial and should be taken seriously and not to be wasted,” he said. 

On the same occasion, Dr. H. Ari Anshori, M.Ag as MPK representative, advised that the participants who later succeeded in continuing their studies could return to Muhammadiyah. “Become a doctor, master, or professor, but don’t forget to return to Muhammadiyah,” he explained. Dr. Mahli Zainuddin Tago, M.Si as LazisMu representative, also said that the MSPP program brought many Muhammadiyah cadres to reach their dreams. “The fund is the mandate of ummat, so please focus entirely on participating in the program. Especially for ones who already know, you can share with other colleagues who had no opportunity participating in this program, “he explained.

Baitul Arqom of Muhammadiyah Scholarship Preparation Program Batch IV

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