In Subuh Berjamaah, UMP Rector Shares Three Benefits of Worship Regularly

Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) Rector, Assoc Prof Dr Jebul Suroso invited as a speaker in Subuh Berjamaah (Fajr Prayer) and Islamic Sermon in Sabilul Muttaqin Mosque, Pecikalan, Wangon, Banyumas on Sunday (29/01).

The sermon held by Moslem Youth in Wangon, Banyumas also provided free markets for its eighth batch. In his presentation, the UMP Rector shared three benefits of worshiping Allah. The Rector also explained that the worship also became the obligation to worship for all Moslem.

“To worship Allah is to submit to Him humbly and reverently, purify the obedience, because Allah created us, protects us, teaches us as His creation,” he said.

The Rector also mentioned three benefits of Worship, including the benefit to be healthier. Researchers from Harvard University, Researchers at Harvard University, United States, stated that the intelligence of a person will increase after praying. It is caused by the prostration movement which eases the supply of oxygen to flow optimally.

“At that time (ed. Sujud), the position of the heart was right above the head, so that blood was able to flow smoothly to the brain. In the last movement of prayer, namely taslim, it turns out that it also contains benefits for physical health,” he explained.

The taslim movement facing left and right direction, continued the Chancellor, can actually relax the muscles around the neck and head. “When reciting the salam facing the right and left at the end of the prayer, the muscles around the neck and head will relax more and improve blood flow in the head. It also can prevent headaches and keep the skin tight, “he said.

Secondly, he continued that people who worship regularly will get ease in life. The faithful are given convenience in realizing their goals in life, especially for those who are guided by the Al-Qur’an and Hadith.

“All worship that is done for Allah and we submit to Allah to make our lives calm and full of gratitude,” he explained. According to the Chancellor, people who pray regularly will be more disciplined. The cure for stress is worship and prayer. “This determination of prayer times clearly shows the discipline value which plays an important role in people’s success,” he said.

The Chancellor also asked to continue to make life happy by worshiping Allah SWT. “He, whose today is better than yesterday, is lucky. While, one whose two days are equal is a loser,” he concluded.

In Subuh Berjamaah, UMP Rector Shares Three Benefits of Worship Regularly

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