Ground Breaking of UMSB Mosque Construction

Bukittinggi Mayor, Ramlan Nurmatias laid the first stone for Univesitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Barat (UMSB) mosque in the campus complex. In 3rd campus in Bukittinggi and 4th campus of Payakumbuh, the mosque construction was marked by the groundbreaking procession on Thursday (11/02).

The Rector of UMSB, Dr Riki Saputra, explained that the two mosque construction was in waqf (charitable endowment) from H Hendri and Hj Wet and families. H Hendri and his family have given their donation for the two mosques construction. “One mosque will be built in the 3rd campus in Bukuttinggi with a total budget of 2 Billion. The other mosque construction was established in the 4th campus of Payakumbuh with a 1,5 Billion budget. The target of these two mosques can be functionalized in this Ramadan,” he said on Thursday.

In his remarks, Ramlan Nurmatias highly appreciated H Hendri and Wh Wet and families who have been donated by fully supporting the two mosques’ construction in Bukittinggi and Payakumbuh. “It was amazing and had to be waited by the campus and local communities. I hope what was donated by H. Hendri and Hj Wet and families will be awarded a reward from Allah,” said Ramlan, also UMSB alumni.

He also appreciated UMSB development for several years. Education would be a priority program for the Bukittinggi government. Undoubtedly, the development of the UMSB institution in Bukittinggi would bring a good name for Bukittinggi city in education. “What we had done aimed to the wider community. Our wholly support for UMSB,” he said.

Ground Breaking of UMSB Mosque Construction

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